Guided Tours

To book a tour please contact us on:
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The Original Community Tour

In our appreciated community tour we guide you around the village for a genuine experience of rural Rwanda. If you want to see and understand the real everyday life of us Rwandans, this is the tour for you.

Amongst other things you will visit and experience:

A local family’s house

Family home iconWe will visit a normal family in Kinigi. Learn how we build our houses, how we live, cook, eat and sleep. Discover the different plants in our gardens and learn how important neighbours and community are to our well-being. Pose all the questions you want about daily life in rural Rwanda.

A school

School iconWe will visit the school Kampanga or Rushubi where you will be able to visit a class room with curious children. See what the students are learning and talk to a teacher about the opportunities and challenges of education. If you want to you can play football or igisoro with the children.

The Kinigi Market

Market iconThe market is a lively and colorful place with people, produce and handicraft. You will be able to talk to local vendors, smell and taste the local vegetables, and maybe find the perfect gift for your loved ones. We are happy to translate for you or help you negotiate any prices.

The Cultural Village Tour

In this tour we visit one of Kinigi’s two cultural villages, Sacola or Iby’iwacu. If you wish to experience a historic perspective of life in Rwanda this is your tour of choice.

Amongst other things you will visit and experience:

Traditional dancing

Dance iconDance is a very important part of Rwandan culture. In this activity you can watch and participate in various dance styles. The most famous traditional dance in Rwanda is Intore, a highly choreographed routine consisting of three components – the ballet, the dance of heroes and the drums.

Urwagwa Banana Beer Brewing

Banana beer iconThe traditional Urwagwa is an alcoholic beverage made from fermentation of mashed bananas. Mixing the banana with water and a leavening agent makes for a delicious and interesting taste experience. During this activity you will see the preparation of the brew and get to taste it.


Archery iconIn Kinigi bow and arrows was historically used for hunting buffalo and antelope, but nowadays the art of archery is a part of our cultural heritage and is honored by our Bow Masters. In this activity you will see people using bow and arrows and get to know more about how to build the perfect bow.


Combine our Tours with Gorilla Trekking

Our guided tours can easily be combined with the famous gorilla or golden monkey trekkings in the area. Many of our visitors go directly from the trekking to our tours. The length of the tours depend on what you and your group wishes to see and do. We always try to accommodate your wishes.

All tours are Free of Charge

All of the tours from Muhisimbi Volunteer Guides are free of charge. We are happy to show you our way of life and increase understanding between our visitors and us. With this said we also want to say that any donations are welcome. With the help of previous visitors we have been able to realize improvement projects in the village such as a fresh water project, an internet café, new houses and school fees for children. You can read more about this in the section Our story > Achievements.

To book a tour please contact us on:
Phone: (+250) 078-3003335/ or (+250) 078-8833352

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