Thank You! Posted October 19, 2013 by Muhisimbi Admin


We want to acknowledge and thank the following individuals and organizations for making our contribution to the community possible:

The Chief Park Warden, Tourism warden and Community Conservation Wardens (V.N.P) for their daily advice and trainings that gives us the confidence of successfully realizing our ambitious plans.

SACOLA’s general assembly and its committee for taking care of us in every way; financial support, training, work partnerships and advise. This association is doing exactly what they are supposed to do for improving the daily life of our community and making people understand the benefits of conservation.

International Gorilla Conservation Program (I.G.C.P.) for conserving the mountain gorillas and giving us cooperative management training.

The KARISOKE research center, with a special thanks to Jean Felex Ndagijimana and Joseph Karama for offering us guiding skills and knowledge about wildlife, conservation and the stories of Diane Fossey who lost her life for the love of the Gorillas.

JICA (Japanese Internal Cooperation Agency) for contacts and trainings in community tourism promotion.

Eduin SABUHORO (Rwanda Eco-tours) for introducing  the IBY’IWACU Association and his big role to promote community tourism.

The local government for giving us freedom and opportunity to work in this area, and appreciations to the security in charge for doing a good job.

EDUCAT for its daily help, advise and physical aid in developing our community.

GROW Movement for mentorship and helping us develop our Business model.

Global Focus and Aventyret for helping us create this website.


Thank You!