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What do you think about gorillas? Do you love the gorillas? Do you think the Gorillas love you? For sure, Gorillas love you!

In 2006 one of our guides took the tourists into the jungle. The gorillas have 3 main activities; you may find them eating, resting or travelling. This time the tourists arrived to the gorillas eating. The babies where in trees, balancing on the vines! The Guide and tourists watched them gently from a distance, taking pictures.

Suddenly the leader of the group, the silverback, started to communicate to his group with aggressive vocalizations. He was sitting on the ground and signaled to his family to start moving and to pass in front of him. He would not allow them to pass behind him. As soon as every gorilla had passed, something remarkable happened. The silverback turned to the tourists and yelled aggressively “He! He! He!” The tourists were terrified and backed away slowly. This made the silverback even more furious.

The guide who knows all the vocalizations of the gorillas well understood that they too were ordered pass the massive 400 pound male, just as the rest of the family. The guide told the tourists that they didn’t have any choice. They had to obey the king of the jungle.

Slowly, slowly the tourists, shaking from fear, passed right in front of the gorilla and moved on further into the jungle. As the silverback calmed down, the guide went back to see why the silverback was acting so strange. He found a big buffalo snare right behind the Silverback’s former position, made in metal wire and planted by poachers! The silverback saved the life of his family and the tourists!

This is an example of the stories our guides share with visiting tourist. To hear more unique stories about the animals and people living in our area book a tour with us today.

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